Drone Pitstop 2018

For the first time in India, KCG college has brought in National level Drone Racing to Chennai on 2nd and 3rd of March 2018.

More than 270 students from KCG College of Technology and 38 students from various Colleges and professionals from Industries have attended the seminar. Earlier in the day the chief guests officially inaugurated the Cloud 10 2018 Bazzar and KCG Drone Pitstop - 2018 in the KCG college campus.

The KCG drone pitstop (racing event) participants were briefed on 2nd March, about the rules and guidelines. 18 teams participated in the event.

On the first day, the teams were involved in assembling their drones as per the specifications provided by the organising team of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, KCG College of Technology. Points were awarded for their assembling skills and for the innovation.

On the second day, in front of drone lovers of various colleges and public, racing event have started with loud cheering. Professional flyers have flown their UAVs and demonstrated their various aerobatic skills of flying. MMC_UAV and SKYPORT Innovations, an Indo-Chinese MNC, have flown their UAV showing its capability of crowd monitoring and patrolling, which was well appreciated by the knowledgeable crowd.

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